Kenting is known as the resort, resort in the deep blue sky blue sea, presumably to make you relaxed and forget this world. As the second South Expressway opened, which makes the traffic more convenient, tourists can enjoy the sightseeing tour, explore local Kenting, experience Kenting's warm. Canaan B&B Kenting will be your best choice.

There are 3 room categories in Canaan B&B Kenting - Nice, Mediterranean, and Capri. On July 2005, Nice was renovated; On July 2006, Capri was renovated; On Feb 2007, Mediterranean was renovated. We will own entirely moved and preferences of young, appear in every corner of our space completely, let you meet the real joy is our decorative purposes. If we can make you love these, that would be our expecting inspire.

The name "Canaan" is from the Bible, innkeepers hope will create Canaan as the Bible mentioned in the God of the land. In the land of Canaan "as its" in the South Pacific, so you can enjoy the scenery without going abroad to the South Island.

Don't forget the way in Kenting Canaan to relax body and mind, full of power!